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Qualified trainers are the basis for lots of fun and safe training in health-oriented aqua-fitness-classes. As an experienced trainer I qualify water enthusiasts to aqua-fitness-instructors.

Bring competence, pleasure and efficiency into your aqua-fitness-classes!

Book me nationwide for certifications and workshops for your team or visit one of my trainings!

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Workshops - IAA Education

Specially designed programs for professionals to expand their knowledge and also to indroduce the program to water enthusiastic beginners; these programs are offered exclusively by IAA Trainers.

AEA provides various training programs for the beginner to the intermediate and advanced professional.

Continuing education workshops provide practical applications, evidence based-tried and true successful programming.

Obtaining IAA Certification is the gold standard in the fitness industry and once achieved, it is THE LEVEL to be at.



As an international aqua-presenter I educate qualified instructors worldwide. Growing up bilingual, I teach in english and german.
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